Spiritual development


Spiritual nourishment is one of our key goals as we seek to raise a holistic generation of children by instilling value based teaching through our day to day learning in class and even in weekly pastoral program instructions every Friday. We believe spiritual wellness is an important foundation in life.

We also hold a Vacation Bible School program which runs during school holidays for young kids to learn about their Christian faith and values while having lots of fun.

Various activities are carried out including Bible stories, Praise and worship, Song and dance, Crafts and an end of year VBS picnic (Fun day) where Parents join in on the fun.

School Prayer:

Thank you God for this day that you have given us, thank you for our parents, teachers & friends; Bless them and bless our school.

Take care of us as we learn & as we play. Help us to be obedient & to work hard in school. Bless our country & protect all its leaders.

Thank you for loving us & providing for us.

All God’s children say: Amen.